L.E.D Headlights

"Are your headlights simply plug & play or are any modifications required?"

All of our headlights require no modifications what so ever. Simply remove the old headlight then re install the new one and your good to go

"Why does my headlight have 4 wire and the LED ones only have 3?"

This is because the OEM headlights have a sidelight, high & low beam. The LED lights do have a side light so it is not used

"Are the LED headlight road legal and will they pass an M.O.T?"

Our headlights have both high and low and have the ability to adjust the direction of light both up and down. For this reason our headlight are E marked are stamped on the front of our headlights. We have hundreds of customers that have had hundreds of customers pass an MOT with our headlights installed. This said however depending on how picky the tester is they can complain about the cut off of the LED. The same way they could fail you for horn not working, not having a full sized number plate or testing the bike with off road tyres with not the correct spacing it the tread pattern of the tyre. The low beam setting does not blind other road users so in this case we recommend keeping your old headlight as a spare if you use a fussy MOT tester  

"Does the MOT special notice 01-21 effect me using the bike house LED headlights on the road?"

No this notice regards to the use of replacing the halogen bulbs and does not relate to upgrading to an led unit 

"Why is my headlight stuck on high beam when using the LED light but not using my standard halogen headlight. Is my headlight faulty?"

No this does not mean the headlight is faulty in fact it means that you have a faulty switch on the handle bars. The reason why the halogen light still works is because the LED Reacts differently to the halogen bulb. The switches are notoriously bad hence why we refuse to stock them in our store. Sometimes it is possible to fix the issue by cleaning the switch using contact cleaner however the best option is to replace the switch

"Why does my headlight flicker?"

You headlight may flicker for one of a few reasons. Firstly if the bike is not listed on our list of appropriate applications it may cause a flicker. If it is on the list it could be one of the following reasons. A faulty battery, switch or electrical fault on the bike. Please not the light itself is very simple without a program so the issue must be caused by the electrical supply

"I have a KTM XC without a switch how do i add a headlight?"

To add a headlight to an XC you first have to decide if you want to add a switch too. If you are adding a switch you simply plug it in then plug in the headlight and you away to go. It is also possible to install without a switch but you will have to use a blade fuse to bypass the switch then install the light. The headlight will then come on when the bike is running on the low beam setting. If you want to always have the high beam setting simply remove the black pin from the headlight connection of the headlight using a small electrical screwdriver and relocate to the empty slot in the block.

"I have read online that my bike is AC current does this mean it will not work on my bike?"

Sadly there are a lot of people online that states facts that are simply not true. If your bike is on the list of suitable applications please note that 

"How can i test the LED light myself to check if its faulty?"

It is very simple to do firstly take note of the positions of the pins then using a small electrical screw driver push in the pins to remove them from the headlight block. Then you can connect them directly to the battery. Black to the negative and red to the positive followed by the yellow. This will test both the high and the low beam. Please note that if this is not working correctly it could still possibly be a flat or faulty battery so we would recommend re trying on another battery you can assure is functioning correctly

"I have a fault which is not listed above and have tested the headlight on the battery directly and am still experiencing the fault. What is the warranty claiming procedure?"

If you have followed all the steps above and the purchase was made within the last year you will need to contact us including the details of your order. We will open a return and it is very important the details of the return are included in the box to ensure we can process it efficiently. As soon as we receive it back we will test immediately and exchange. Please note should we receive a unit which is not faulty and the fault is caused from the bike we will charge a fee to cover postage and packaging so please check the above FAQs before returning to us. Please note we only require the LED unit itself. Please do not ship the mask or LED support to prevent damage and reduce shipping costs.  

Easy pull levers

"Do you do an easy pull clutch lever to fit my bike?"

Below is a list of the clutch levers we sell and the applications they are used for:

Magura M1C

* KTM ’04-12 65/85/105 SX/XC 
* KTM ’04-08 125/144 SX/XC/EXC  
* KTM ’04-08 200 XCW/EXC 
* KTM ’00-05 250/300 SX/XC/XCW/EXC 
* KTM ’04-08 400 XCFW/EXCF 
* KTM ’04-06 525 SX/XC/EXC/XCW
* KTM ’07-12 690 E/R 
* KTM ’04-09 950   
* KTM ’07-13 990 
* Magura Jack clutch conversion kits

Magura M2C

* KTM ’09-15 125/150 SX/XC/EXC 
* KTM ’09-21 200 XCW/EXC  
* KTM ’13-21 690 E/R   
* Husqvarna ’16 FC 250/350/450    
* Husqvarna ’17-21 125-501 TE/TC/TX/FE/FC/FX
* Husqvarna ’16-21 701 Enduro/SM 
* Magura Hymec clutch conversion kits
* GasGas bikes with Magura clutch levers  

Brembo B2C

* KTM ’16-22 125/150 SX/XC/XCW 
* KTM ’06-22 250/300 XC/SX/XCW/EXC/6D 
* KTM ’11-22 350 XCF/XCWF/EXCF/SXF/6D  
* KTM ’09-10 400 XCWF/EXCF  
* KTM ’07-22 450 XCF/SXF/XCWF/EXCF   
* KTM ’12-22 500 XCFW/EXCF/6D  
* KTM ’08-11 530 XCFW/EXCF   
* Husqvarna ’14-16 125-501 TE/TC/FE/FC (except ’16 FC & ’16 TC 125) 
* Husaberg ’11-14 125-570 FE/FX/TE
* Beta ’10-22 All Models 
* Sherco All years and all models with Brembo clutch master cylinders
* TM '08-22 All models with Brembo clutch master cylinders

Magura M1B

* 18-22 Husqvarna TC/TE/TX/FC/FE 125-501

BrakTec BT1C

21-23 Gas Gas EC 250/250F/300/350F

23 Husqvarna TE/FE 150-501  (Does NOT fit the TX, TC, FX, or FC -  line see Brembo B2B)

"Do you do an easy pull brake lever to fit my bike?"

Below is a list of the Brake levers we sell and the applications they are used for:

Brembo B2B

KTM ’14-22 125-500 All Models   
Husqvarna ’14-17 125-501 TE/TC/TX/FE/FX – Brembo Brakes  
Sherco - All Models with Brembo master cylinders
TM '08-22 All models with Brembo brake master cylinders

"How do i adjust the bite point on my lever?"

We include instructions with the levers and also display them on the listing too. You may notice that the bite point slightly changes when the bike is hot compared to when it is cold. For this reason we sell the easy adjusters and pro version of the lever. This enables adjustment on the go without the need of tools 

"Why is there play in my lever?"

The lever requires the bush to be taken from the OEM lever and installed into the new lever to prevent the free play. When installed this will resolve the issue